Need for Speed Rivals

XBox One
‎When, a few weeks ago, we flew to London to review ‎‎Need for Speed: Rivals‎‎, we came home full of doubts. The review there evening seemed too short to take home a complete article, so we decided to wait for the arrival of the game before you write a critique. This opinion is also shared by colleagues present with us at the event.‎
‎The game was not slow to arrive but, for obvious reasons, that it was a PC version. So we threw our headlong on the game and the surprise was pretty big: on balance, the five hours of gameplay in London there would be enough to write a review. Because, ‎‎as we wrote in the review dedicated to the PC version‎‎, Need for Speed: Rivals after a couple of hours reveals all his cards, and he leaves us on a terrible feeling of emptiness.‎
‎Lucky for us, these issues are completely blown away by the fun factor, that is realized when you start sharing the experience with some friends on a network. Because Rivals, like all the latest chapters of the saga NFS, is a highly social game that pushes the player to compete against each other more than against himself, and sees the sharing of records and play action the centerpiece of the whole experience.‎
Two equally valid services‎
‎Since ‎‎Need for Speed: Rivals ‎‎based much of his fun in the presence of friends to challenge, it is clear that the final result cannot be separated from the service in which the game leans. The Xbox Live service is known for its solidity, and sight unseen we thought Microsoft would match an unfair advantage compared to Sony. When the game is now in our hands, we realized that the service set up by Sony PS4 European launch is pretty solid, and integrates well with the AllDrive system of EA. As a result, even in this case we can only confirm the substantive equality of the two Next Gen versions.‎

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