Final add-on will introduce Draperʼs Ward and Brigmore Mansion

The upcoming final piece of Dishonored DLC, Brigmore Witches, will include two all-new areas for players to explore. In an interview with VG247, Dishonored designer Ricardo Bare reveals a district called Draper’s Ward, and also confirms that – as expected – Brigmore Mansion, home of the titular witches, will feature.

Here’s what he had to say about Draper’s Ward:

“It’s a little bit like the distillery district from the original game except it’s probably a little big bigger. It’s an urban street area that is controlled by two gangs that are at war with each other, and so Daud has to navigate this. There’s a dock area, a canal, a street area, a textile mill and a hidden area that’s pretty fun.”

As for Brigmore Manor, which is the first location to be set outside Dunwall City, Bare describes it like so:

“…it’s an old, rotting estate that is a day or two up-river from the city. The team is really excited about this environment because it’s beautiful and it’s different, this old rotting estate on the riverside that’s half-dunked in a swamp, and you get to explore this abandoned, broken-down manor while battling Delilah.”

You can read the complete, unabridged interview here.

Brigmore Witches is scheduled for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 on 13 August, priced £7.99/$9.99 and 800MSP (£6.85/€9.60/$10.00) respectively.