Metal Gear Solid V: 16 things you missed in the trailer because you got drunk

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As you may or may not know, legendary Japanese game developer Hideo Kojimer has revealed Metal Gear Solids: The Phantom Menace via the medium of a spectacular trailer. The game will be a tactical espionage hospital drama, like Scrubs, or Casualty, or ER, or Doogie Howser MD. You may have seen the trailer, but have you really seen the trailer, like really looked at it closely into the bits you can’t actually see? Probably not. So before we continue, look at the trailer here:

Now that you’ve ‘seen’ the trailer, here are 16 things you didn’t see in the trailer because you got drunk or passed out or something happened to you which incapacitated your eyes and diminished your ability to see. Lucky for you we know pretty much everything there is to know about Metal Gear Solids. Here’s what you missed: