Injustice dev would like to keep making DLC, but has ʻnew projectsʼ

Injustice: Gods Among Us developer NetherRealm Studios has told us it would like to support its DC Comics fighter indefinitely with extra content, but has ‘exciting new projects’ to take into consideration when juggling development resources.

You can read the full quote below, which is taken from a Q&A with NetherRealm senior producer, Adam Urbano.

DLCentral: With the entire DC Comics Universe to choose from, you could conceivably keep producing new Injustice DLC for a long time – but at what point do you stop? As a studio, is there a self-imposed cut-off to focus on other projects, or do you keep making DLC for as long as gamers are buying it?

Adam Urbano: The honest answer to this question is that we’re still figuring it out ourselves. We obviously have a great deal of passion for Injustice: Gods Among Us, and we’d like to keep making content for it forever, but we’re also working on a bunch …

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Injustice DLC: Dev drops clues for next character, causes mass confusion

We were pretty confident the next Injustice: Gods Among Us character to be released as DLC after Martian Manhunter would be either Red Hood or Zatanna. It makes perfect sense for it to be one of those two, and we wrote this article saying so. But now Ed Boon, the game’s creative director and serial Twitter troll, has been dropping some ‘clues’ as to the next fighter’s identity and things have… stopped making so much sense.

The first clue was posted yesterday:


And the second clue was posted earlier today:


Both tweets link through to a video of the NBC public service announcement ‘The More You Know’ logo.

We’re not very good at working out clues and codes, but we ARE good at reading what …

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Injustice: Gods Among Us new DLC skin reveal is Blackest Night Aquaman

Smells fishy

Here it is – the penultimate new Injustice: Gods Among Us skin to be revealed this week… and it’s Aquaman sporting a look based on the Blackest Night comic crossover. The slightly off-colour King of Atlantis will be available as part of Blackest Night Pack 2, which will be released next week, 2 July, alongside new character General Zod, and Superman’s ‘Man of Steel’ costume. If the Blackest Night Pack 2 is priced in line with previous skin packs, then it’ll cost 240MSP (£2.06/€2.88/$3.00) on Xbox Live, and £2.39/$2.99 on PlayStation Network.

We don’t know who will be joining Aquaman in the Blackest Night Pack 2, but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Green Lantern was to put in an appearance. The first Blackest Night Pack, which arrived alongside Scorpion, contained Superman, Doomsday, and The Flash.

Tomorrow will see the final reveal of the four new skins teased earlier in the week – previous two have been …

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Solomon Grundy skin DLC reveal

The official Twitter feed for Injustice: Gods Among Us has revealed one of four new skin packs to be unveiled this week. The first of which is for Solomon Grundy, who was apparently born on a Monday.

Following the Facebook announcement that teased four new images, we now see the Incredible Hulk-like, Earth Skin 2 DLC for the surly chap. A release date is still to be confirmed, but you can expect the other three skins to be shown off over this week.

The next guaranteed slice of DLC action is coming July 2nd, with the Man of Steel movie skin for Superman (80MSP on 360 and £0.69/€0.96/$0.99 on PS3) and the General Zod character, which we expect will cost £3.99 or 400MSP. The General will also be the last character available with the Injustice Season Pass. Let’s remind ourselves of what he can do…

We’ll bring you the other three skin DLC reveals over the next few days so …

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