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XBox One
Dead Rising 3‎‎
Was one of the most discussed of the line up to launch of Xbox One. ‎‎Capcom Vancouver‎‎ presented the product in recent months by putting almost always by the technical department, preferring instead feature and new game mechanics in an effort to show the public how much longer the series had to say in terms of playability. The choice however had a boomerang effect, as players, greedy as never build starts, wished to see titles that put the muscle of the new home console and frame rate dancers and poorly defined texture.‎
‎We then approached in an extremely cautious to this review and do not hide, also quite hesitant about the capabilities of the game engine, which in recent months has shown more than a weakness.‎
Hundreds and hundreds of Braaains‎
‎Abandoned to their fate Chuck Greene and Frank West, ‎‎Dead Rising 3‎‎ opens the door to a brand new protagonist: the mechanic Nick Ramos Los Perdidos.‎
‎The citizen in question, ten years after the events of Fortune City, is crushed under the weight of a new epidemic of zombies in less than 40 hours shaving completely to the ground every bridge of communication with the outside, putting in grave danger the few survivors still struggling with all their strength to be able to escape from the unstoppable Horde.‎
‎In a setting now stra abused, our hero will have to escape from the grip of the zombie within seven days, before the armed forces, led by General Hemlock, r on the ground the entire area with a nuclear explosion. Good for three quarters of the adventure the player will like to tackle the classic clichés of zombie themed screenplays, meeting other survivors with a mysterious past, crazy frat boys and gangs of looters eager to enrich themselves in chaos generated with the epidemic.‎
‎A story that uninspiring and dragging wearily up to backlash, which saves in extremis production, leaving the player with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. ‎‎Dead Rising 3‎‎ spends way too much time in anonymity and with that hint of already seen and experienced that never leads to anything good. All the fans who have played with Chuck Greene in Fortune City, in fact, will quietly to anticipate all the plot twists and the very few twist that the story of Nick Ramos puts in front of the player.‎
‎We were pretty disappointed not only by plot, but also from the many psychos present in Los Perdidos, many of which are similar in all respects the old zany series, including sometimes slight hints on gender but staying far too tied to the past.‎
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‎Even what was supposed to be the driving force of the whole story, we are talking of course of the main character, has convinced us. Nick Ramos is clearly inferior to the two previous protagonists, and Capcom Vancouver we failed to instill in the little orphan with a mysterious past a strong and determined that it will jump right into the heart of the players. Nick is spineless, a character in “good” and naive, that had it been a simple comprimario would probably have been deleted from the plot within a matter of minutes. We are thus having to play with him for the duration of the time and, even after finishing the game and spending together at least ten hours, yet we can’t really do that enter our sympathies.‎
‎Capcom tried, attempting to build around exciting moments, but the style of Dead Rising in this case ruins everything. Impossible to take seriously a poignant history when our protagonist wearing a straw hat and a mini skirt, for example, and trust me, turning to Los Perdidos you will always find a stupid costume to wear that disintegrate the atmosphere of the plot. This, admittedly, also happened in the previous two chapters, but the charisma of Chuck and Frank was so superior to pull even in the background. All this in our view is also influenced by a dubbing of the protagonist not at the top, with an entry maybe too young and clean that really is not credible.‎

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