Game characters that could also be dogs

Shoot The Barrel

Like video games, dogs are popular. Here are 10 game characters that could also be dogs.

1. Lara Crufts

2. Mega DoberMan Pincsher

3. Commander German Shepard

4. Bow-wow-ser

5. Canine & Lynch

6. Pit bull

7. Viewtiful Cujo

8. Collie Phelps

9. Scooby Doomguy

10. Mastiff Chief

Thanks to all these lovely Twitter people for the dog suggestions:
Mark Walsh @ithurtstopoop, Iain Wilson @wilbossman, Alastair Millar @pull_it_in, Kristoffer Connolly ‏@el_waxa, Leonod ‏@Harmchair, Jay Gale ‏@EmperorRadish, Paddy B ‏@HibernicusXI

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