Battlefield 4 pre-order Premium Expansion DLC is ʻstill being designedʼ

Mysterious 'Premium Expansion Pack' is still a mystery, but probably won't be 'Drone Strike'

Matt Cundy

War is pre-order DLC

An exchange on Twitter has thrown a little more light on Battlefield 4’s vague sounding ‘Premium Expansion Pack’, which is being offered as a pre-order incentive. When we say ‘a little more light’, we really do mean a teeny-weeny glow from a dying matchstick. That’s the light levels we’re dealing with. Anyway, let’s start by looking at this picture (thanks NeoGAF):

When questioned about the above image of what appears to be a Battlefield 4 point-of-sale promo advertising a ‘Drone Strike’ expansion, the official Battlefield Twitter responded like so:


So, Drone Strike confirmed as being – at least internally – the name for some Battlefield 4 DLC. Whether the contents of that add-on will eventually turn out to be the ‘still being designed’ Premium Expansion pre-order bonus, but with a different name, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Battlefield 4 is currently scheduled to arrive on PS3 and Xbox 360 at the end of October 2013. Pre-orders are currently priced £54.99.

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