Is the Divinity Original Sin 2 the best Game for Play Station This Year?

Divinity Original Sin 2 is a great Game for Play Station. Great graphics and a great story. There is even more good news for those of you that love Divinity; Apart from enjoying the sequel’s breathtaking graphics and remarkable story, you can now play slots games inspired by this popular game. With as little as investing 1€, you can end up winning millions on

Here are some the extraordinary game-plays:

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PlayStation 4 will instantly allow you to play games as you download them

Download and update games while the power is switched off

During the Sony presentation for PlayStation 4, lead system architect Mark Cerny announced that DLC and software updates will work in the background or even when the machine is switched off. Witchcraft? Not quite, it’s the secondary custom chip inside PS4 that allows background downloads to take place.

Mr Cerny explains it better…

‘PlayStation 4 also has a secondary custom chip that manages uploads and downloads. As a result it’s possible to download or update games in the background, or with the main power off. One step further – on PlayStation 4 digital titles are playable while being downloaded. When you purchase a title you download just a fraction of the data and the rest of the data is downloaded in the background as you play the game’

In layman’s terms, when you, for example, select to download Grand Theft Auto V you’ll be able to jump straight into the …

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PS4 release date, price and more are right here

PS4 release date, price and more are right here

Are Sony really going to be first out of the blocks towards the next-gen?

We’ve got the Ustream live-feed below, which will show the whole conference from 11pm GMT/6pm EST. You can even look at the show floor now if you’re into that type of thing. While you wait, why not check out the information below that has been leaked/made-up so far.

Since the mysterious teaser video Sony put out on February 1st, the interwebz have been awash with PlayStation 4 rumours. All suspicion will be erased on February 20th when Sony host a conference in New York to explain just what the hell is going down. But like good internet detectives should do, the virtual gumshoes across the globe are digging deeper to find out more for themselves.

We’re as excited as anyone about getting a new console, so we thought we’d round up as much stuff as we can and leave it right here for you to chew …

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