Minecraft XBLA will still be updated after Xbox One Edition is released

Xbox 360 News

Good news Minecrafters – developer 4J Studios has again confirmed via Twitter that the release of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition won’t mark the end of updates for the Xbox 360 version. So there’s no need to worry about your Minecraft on Xbox Live Arcade being neglected in favour of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition when it’s released for Microsoft’s new machine sometime during the console’s ‘launch window’, which runs from November through to the end of March next year. Here’s the tweet from 4J:


So, looks like there’s still plenty to come for Minecraft on Xbox 360. The next updates we can expect in the near future are Skin Pack 5, and Title Update 12, which – among other things – will mark the long-awaited arrival of the jungle biome. You can find more details and the first screenshot of Title Update 12 here. 4J is working on both these updates now, although release dates for them are still TBC at the time of writing.

While you’re here, just in case you missed it during E3, here’s the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition announcement trailer, starring everyone’s favourite Steve:

Of all the Steve’s, he really is number one.