Amaze-O-Tron Podcast: Episode 2 – Still No Name


We’re coming in your ears again

Well, hello there. How are you on this fine day? Excellent. Anyway, enough chit-chat as we need to tell you that we have a new episode of the podcast for you to listen to. If you’re into semi-coherent ramblings about games then you’ve come to the right place.

This week we talk about how DLCentral and Shoot The Barrel came to be and give you a little insight into what we’ve been playing lately. In all seriousness, we still don’t have a name for this podcast/audio show thing so if you have any brilliant ideas for what we should call it fire them to The Boss. The best one will be chosen for the next show. Maybe.

Enough jibber-jabber, get plugged in and give it a listen.