Amaze-O-Tron Podcast: Episode 7 – Hedge Wizards


Weekly earful of game talk and additional random nonsense

Prepare thine ears puny earthlings for the all new and not recorded in front of a live studio audience Amaze-O-Tron Podcast. It is Episode the Seventh, which means it is MAGNIFICENT so you must listen to it you lovely bastards.

This week’s highlights include your daringly self-employed hosts Cundy and Nathan talking about games like the Tomb Raider (is it really a Tomb Raider?), and Motocross Madness (it got bikes in it). There’s a super big booty community section in which YOU ask the questions and we sort of wibble in response and try to remember the name of Christopher Walken. Then there’s a quick-fire and really very exciting ‘Is it a real game?’ quiz to play along with.

Goodness us, with all that stuff to get through it’s no wonder this week’s Amaze-O-Tron is the most longest Amaze-O-Tron ever. Best get listening to it now or else you might die of oldness before it finishes.