Amaze-O-Tron Podcast: Episode 1 – The Pilot


Open your ears and let us in

Right then, Cundy and Nathan have gone and done one of them podcast things. The results can be heard below, but just so you know – and as the title implies – it’s just a little taster for y’all.

If anything, it was only to test to see if the iPad was capable of recording with decent enough quality, which thankfully it does. There’s no fancy studio for the men that produced the GamesRadar UK podcast this time, you see, but they ramble on regardless.

After this podcast – which still doesn’t have a name – we’ll aim to have a new show every fortnight. The contents are still undecided, but will most likely be about video games rather than, say, films or canasta. So go, have fun listening to this debut and let us know what you think via our Twitson. Enjoy.