Fire Emblem: Awakening – three new DLC episodes coming soon in Europe

A new trio of DLC maps has been scheduled for 3DS adventure Fire Emblem: Awakening in Europe. Collectively called ‘Lost Bloodlines’, the latest episodes will be available over the coming weeks and offer players not just new battles, but also new rewards. You can find full details below, and on our Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC schedule page.

The content will be available on the dates shown from the Outrealm Gate in-game, which can be found on the World Map after completing Chapter 4 in the main story. Here’s the new episodes in detail, note that buying the Lost Bloodlines Pack bundle allows you to pre-pay for the new content, allowing you to download at no extra cost when any subsequent Lost Bloodlines episode is released:

27 June Lost Bloodlines Pack (Lost Bloodlines #1, Lost Bloodlines #2, Lost Bloodlines #3) Price: £5.39/€5.99

27 June Lost Bloodlines #1, Price: £2.29/€2.49
Story: King Marth, the kind ruler of Archanea, and Seliph, the …

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Fire Emblem: Awakening Rogues and Redeemers DLC is out now

Old Fire Emblem fighters return in latest expansion

Although Fire Emblem: Awakening still isn’t out in Europe (April 19th, demo available now) Nintendo has seen fit to release more DLC in the shape of Rogues and Redeemers 1. Siliconera reports the new map has our hero, Chrom, teaming up with several characters from old games, led by Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones hero, Ephraim (the stoic-looking chap above).

Apparently, the enemies in this new DLC are pretty tough, but if you manage to batter the snot out of them you’ll be rewarded with Ephraim as a playable character in Awakening. Sweet. You can grab Rogues and Redeemers 1 from the eShop for $3 or spend $6.50 to get a discount on the other two that are upcoming soon – release date TBA.

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Mega Man 3 out today as 3DS Virtual Console DLC on Nintendo eShop

But only in the US – Nintendo has ‘nothing to announce’ about Mega Man 3 arrival in Europe

The sequentially staggered release of the Mega Man games on 3DS Virtual Console continues today with the arrival of Mega Man 3 on the Nintendo eShop.

It’s currently only confirmed to arrive on the US eShop, with no word of when it’ll appear for download in Europe. We contacted Nintendo to find out more and were told that it currently has “nothing to announce on this for Europe at the moment,” but would let us know if the situation changes. The previous release, Mega Man II, launched simultaneously in both the US and Europe, and we had hoped Mega Man 3 would follow suit, but clearly that’s not the case. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more.

In terms of price, US gamers can pick up Mega Man 3 for $4.99, while in Europe we’re anticipating the price to be £4.49 …

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Fire Emblem Awakening to get free DLC at launch

Turn-based strategy game will receive new maps from day one

Nintendo have announced that upcoming 3DS turn-based battler, Fire Emblem Awakening will receive ‘a steady weekly stream of additional maps’ for free. That’s gratis. Nothing. For no pennies or virtual currency at all. Well, for a limited time period and then they’ll be charged at different price points after that.

The game will start to get this content from launch (February 9th – North America, April – everywhere else) and the new maps can be accessed in-game at the Outrealm Gate, but only after you complete the fifth mission.

Don’t know anything about Fire Emblem Awakening? Here, let a man from Nintendo tell you all about it from the script he’s almost certainly reading from…

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