Black Ops 2 DLC new perk and weapon revealed in ‘Mob of the Dead’ video

Xbox 360 News

A special behind-the-scenes video for the new Mob of the Dead mode in Black Ops 2 DLC Uprising, has confirmed some of the new bits and pieces we can expect from the Alcatraz-based zombie map. First, have a watch of the video (originally posted to Xbox Live, now on YouTube, spotted by VG247):

So, in case you completely missed the new stuff, this is what we spotted:

  • Afterlife Mode: Get killed and trigger this new in-game mode to access new areas and interact with certain objects
  • Electric Cherry Perk: Costs 2000 points and activates an electric field around the player whenever they reload. Any zombies that come into contact with it receive a shock. The field dissipates over a short period
  • Blundergat Wonder Weapon: A Blunderbuss and Gatling Gun combination, which can be upgraded to something more ‘fantastical’
  • Big Zombie: A big zombie which can shutdown perk machines and mystery boxes, which players have to spend points to reactivate
  • Acid Trap: Costs 1000 points, kills zombies with acid from overhead sprinklers
  • Fan Trap: Spinning blades of death slice up zombies

In addition, the video also confirms the return of the Speed Cola and Juggernog perks (the Juggernog icon is visible at the 3:35 mark).

For more info and a look at the expansion’s other maps, check out the Uprising DLC trailer. Uprising is out 16 April on Xbox Live (PSN to follow at later date).