Borderlands 2′s new DLC has a release date, a new playable Psycho awaits

Xbox 360 News

YAAAAS! Gearbox has finally announced new DLC for Borderlands 2 that drops on April 2nd. The update has been announced at PAX East in Boston and will introduce a load of new stuff for fans to play with including an increased level cap. Season Pass owners can breathe a sigh of relief as the new DLC is free to them, but will cost everyone else $5 (around £5/€6) but it also comes with some other goodies such as…

  • Level cap increase – So if you’ve maxed out at 50 you can now grind your way to level 61
  • Pearlescent weapon class – The ultra-rare guns and ammo from the original Borderlands will certainly mix things up a bit
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter mode  – this is a free update for all and will make all enemies as tough as the hardest member of your team. Yikes

No date has been set for this guy’s debut yet, but sadly, this sixth character WILL cost current season pass owners more money – boo, hiss etc. Krieg will weigh-in at 800MS or $9.99 (around £11.99/€12.99). It’s a nice addition for seasoned vault hunters, but a slam in the nuts for those who already invested in a season pass.

Krieg is an up-close and personal character that and has a Blood Axe Rampage action skill that let’s him regain health as he hacks away. According to IGN he has three skill trees – Bloodlust, Mania and Hellborn.

Bloodlust rewards you for killing with explosions and will see enemies drop grenades to refill your boom time. Mania allows you to regenerate your action skill meter as you’re having the snot kicked out of you and Hellborn is all about elemental damage and increase your hits if you’re fighting while on fire.

A release date for Krieg is set to land in the coming weeks, but Gearbox also confirmed that this latest DLC drop won’t be the last as they assure fans that there will be more coming too. Probably at a price, mind. Still, more Borderlands 2 is a happy dance in our book.