Things In Games That Are Sort of Dorito Shaped

Shoot the Barrel

We love eating Doritos and talking about Doritos so here are some things in games that are sort of shaped like Doritos.

Connorʹs Arrowheads

Although this is an arrowhead from Assassin’s Creed 3, arrowheads in any game are sort of Doirito shaped. Lots of games feature bows and arrows. Despite being similar in shape, a Dorito would make a poor substitute for an actual arrowhead.

The Ship In The Atari 7800 Version of Asteroids

The two Doritos next to the score represent the remaining player lives. We put in the bullets ourselves to make it clear the Dorito is meant to be the ship and isn’t just a sort of Dorito shaped asteroid. Like an asteroid, a Dorito can break into many pieces.

Bowserʹs Shell Spikes

The background image is a picture of some foreign Dorito packs with a Photoshop effect to make it look a bit arty. Although not visible here, the writing on the pack seemed to be Arabic in origin so we suppose Doritos are sold in places where people can read Arabic. However, the word ‘Dorito’ is written in normal language, so perhaps there isn’t an Arabic word for Dorito.

Captain Falconʹs Collar

Because Captain Falcon is associated with speed, we have applied a motion blur effect to the background image to create a sense of high velocity movement. The background image is actually a photo of a pile of Doritos on a plate. We don’t know who took the photo or why.

Dualshock Triangle Button

Because the closest recognisable shape of 99% of all Doritos is triangle, this was an easy one to think of because the button on the DualShock controller is referred to in most countries as the ‘triangle button’. We added the Dorito dust to make the picture look more authentic.

A Goomba Head

We were just going to do a Goomba’s teeth as the sort of Dorito shaped thing, but then we noticed the whole Goomba head is actually sort of Dorito shaped.