Call of Duty: Ghosts limited editions include DLC Season Pass

DlCentral Fresh Gaming Latest News: Hardened and Prestige Editions price and content info, available to pre-order now

Two Call of Duty: Ghosts limited editions – Hardened and Prestige – are available to pre-order from retailers now, with both choices offering the DLC Season Pass as part of the package, along with a selection of other downloadable and digital content. The Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass covers four map packs, which Activision promises will be ‘mammoth’, as well as a Bonus Team Leader Digital Pack, which offers an exclusive character for use in multiplayer. On its own the DLC Season Pass is priced $49.99/4000MSP (£34.27/€48.00/$50.00).

Full list of content for both the Hardened and Prestige Editions after the trailer:

Hardened Edition (£89.99/$119.99):

  • Collectible Steelbook featuring premium artwork
  • Downloadable bonus multiplayer map ‘Free Fall’
  • Bonus Collector’s Edition Digital Content – in-game player patch, player card and background
  • Season Pass for all 4 DLC Map Packs, and Bonus Team Leader
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Latest News in Gaming Industry : Xbox Live Gold members

DLC Central presents: The latest Games with Gold offer is live, Dead Rising 2 coming in a couple of weeks

The recently rolled-out Games with Gold promotion continues with super-powered crime fighter Crackdown now available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to download for free. It may be over six years old, but the building-jumping, car-throwing shooter is still well worth a look, especially when it’s free of charge. Another thing worth your time is definitely worth your time is definitely , an online casino site that offers a variety of online slots games with the best entertainment options without spending any of your own cash.

If you’ve got Xbox Live Gold, you can download Crackdown (file size 6.15GB) for free from Xbox Live (GB), or Xbox Live (US).

Crackdown will be available as part of the Games with Gold promotion until 15 August, when it will be replaced a day later with Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising …

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Battlefield 4 DLC is A Timed Exclusive on Xbox One

DLCentral fresh gaming news: Second Assault arrives first for Microsoft

EA and Microsoft have announced at E3 that Battlefield 4′s Second Assault DLC will arrive first on Xbox One. The news is sure to be a kick to the stones of Sony who tied up timed exclusives for Battlefield 3 on PS3, but shows that Microsoft are intent on dragging gamers into their next-gen wares first. It will drop on PS4 eventually, mind.

The Second Assault pack will include four undisclosed fan favourite maps from Battlefield 3, and as far as details go, that’s your lot. We’ll hound EA to reveal more ASAP, but until then, enjoy this gameplay footage from a mission called Angry Sea. You’ll soon see why it’s called this……

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Top 10 Best MMORPG Games 2017

Welcome to the best MMORPG 2017 list! 2017 is a truly fantastic year for enormously multiplayer online games. Lots of new games – however which one is the most attractive and enjoyable? At a glance Ghost Reconnaissance: Wildlands looks unremarkable generic; four grizzled American soldiers absolutely will not degenerate into a reason to blow stuff up. But upon closer assessment, there’s a lot to be delighted about when it pertains to Wildlands’ multiplayer. The enormous open world acts as a real aggressive play area replete with multi-crewed lorries and cooperative gameplay capacity. In theory, the variety of various techniques to finishing an offered mission is implied to be restricted solely by a team’s coordination, imagination, and discretion. And worry not, your character’s equipment and development will constantly carry over, no matter who’s the video game you’re joining.

This video game is advised for fans of classic RPGs. The depth of character modification and quality of the quests are incredible. Fight …

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20 amazing things you never knew about game developers

Game developers are an important part of the process of making video games. Without game developers there wouldn’t be as many games. Here are 20 amazing things you never knew about game developers.

1. Game developers work in large groups because it makes them feel safe.

2. Except indie’ game developers, who prefer to work in small groups or completely alone because they are more creative and quirky.

3. Game developers refer to lunch time’ as crunch time’ because it’s when they eat the most crisps.


4. Nintendo game developer Shigeru Miyamoto is responsible for more than 80% of all games that have ever been developed.

5. Some game developers are French, like David Cage.

6. Graphics and sound and explosions are some of the things game developers are responsible for developing in a game.

7. English game developer Peter Molyneux was once ejected from the annual Game Developer’s Conference for stealing cheese from another game developer’s lunch box.…

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Game things that should be impossible in real-life, but actually aren’t

There are many things in video games that should be impossible in real-life, but they actually aren’t and we can prove it because we wrote this whole thing about it.

Invisible walls

The purpose of invisible walls in video games is to stop the player getting into a part of the world that doesn’t exist because the developer got tired from sitting down all day and went home to sleep instead of sticking around for another couple of hours to make more game. In real-life, and impossible as it sounds, invisible walls are made of glass and are usually types of door, or door-sized windows. They are difficult to see because they are invisible. Here is a humorous video of some real-life people walking into invisible walls/glass doors/door-sized windows.

Being able to hide in shadows and not be spotted

Shadow (far left), from popular 90s UK TV show, The Gladiators

In video games, if you hide in shadows nobody can …

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How to make money and get rich playing video games – it’s this easy!

Ever wished there was a way to get rich playing video games? There is! And it’s this easy! Here are some practically guaranteed ways to get rich playing video games but don’t come squawking to us if you can’t get rich because it’ll be your fault not ours. We’ve done our job. Don’t try to make out like we’re somehow to blame for you being a complete failure at getting rich playing video games.

Bet someone a million gold coins that you can beat them at playing video games, and then beat them

Like this, but with gold coins. Better wear a helmet

Find someone with a lot of money and who you’re pretty sure you can beat at a game of video games. Play them at video games but keep losing on purpose. When you’ve lost a whole bunch of times, casually say “Let’s make this interesting,” and then even more casually say “I bet you a million gold …

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Nintendo survival guide: 5 ways to save Wii U from being dead

Here are five ways Nintendo can save the Wii U from becoming dead in a variety of unfortunate and potentially fatal situations.

How Nintendo can save Wii U from… a bear attack


Bears are dangerous and can easily kill a Wii U with its hands and mouth. If a bear attacks a Wii U, Nintendo should stand its ground and make lots of noise – sometimes this will scare the bear away as long as the bear isn’t deaf or hard of hearing. Climbing a tree can also be a good idea, unless the attacking bear is a black bear, which is a type of special climbing bear, in which case it’s not a good idea.

How Nintendo can save Wii U from… a house that is on fire


Wii U is made of plastic, which is a type of material that is allergic to the sort of extreme heat that comes from fire. In the event of …

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Xbox One: An easy-to-understand guide to playing pre-owned games

Because there’s a little bit of confusion over the issue of playing pre-owned games on the new Xbox One console device, here’s a totally easy-to-understand guide to a variety of possible scenarios that should help you navigate the potentially mind-bending minefield of what the fuck is going on please Microsoft OMG we haz bean XBONED!!!!

Hobbit scenario


If you live in Middle-earth you WILL be able to play pre-owned games, but you must first undertake the arduous and dangerous trek to Mordor, and then register the game by throwing it into the molten core of Mount Doom.

Relativity scenario


It WILL be possible to play pre-owned games in an alternate dimension where conventional laws of gravity do not apply, but ONLY if you are holding a sack or a bucket.

Offside scenario


If you’re in a position closer to the opponent’s TV than both the Xbox One controller, and Kinect-fired photon torpedo array, then you WON’T be …

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