Something for the Weekend – PSN fire sale and Rockstar Games deals

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End the week in style with our recommendations

Hello and welcome to a new regular feature on DLCentral – Something for the Weekend. Not to be confused with the now cancelled BBC breakfast show of the same name.

Each week we trawl the online stores and sift through the tons of games and DLC on offer to bring you a quick-fire list of the stuff you should open your virtual wallet for.

This week features a cheap, but ace selection of Rockstar Games titles and a whole host of PSN deals that won’t break the bank.

PlayStation Store

Just Cause 2 | Price: £5.49
Quite frankly, this price is a steal for one of the most fun open-world games you’re likely to play. The island of Panau is rich and diverse. From tropical beaches to snow topped mountains the whole place feels epic and crossing it with the nifty parachute and grappling hook combo is superb. There’s just so much to see, do and blow up that even at £40 you’d be a sucker to miss it.

Max Payne 3 | Price: £15.99
We had to check this a few times to make sure the price was actually correct. £15.99 for one of the best shooters of 2012 is an absolute bargain. Max’s Brazilian nightmare is worth a punt if only for the continuously updated and moreish online multiplayer modes.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution | Price: £5.49
Incredibly immersive FPS that gives ou the freedom to do whatever you like in the futuristic world. Boss fights are dull and predictable, but less than £6 for this critically-acclaimed game is definite value for money.

Everybody’s Golf World Tour | Price: £5.19
Don’t like golf in real life? Nope, us neither, but with a mixture of beautiful visuals, great characters and gameplay that’s as easy or hard as you want it it to be, Everybody’s Golf deserves to be played. By everybody.

Honourable mentions on PSN to…

Red Dead Redemption (full game): £11.99 | Final Fantasy Tactics (PS Vita): £3.99 | Dust 514 Beta: Free


Xbox Marketplace

Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC | Price: 800MS
The latest chunk of DLC for Borderlands 2 features the charismatic, half-robot, half-gentleman hunter setting you off on a journey for sacred loot. As if, it was going to be anything else in Borderlands 2. There’s an all new area to explore, brand new weapons and a host of new vicious beasts to gun down.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare DLC | Price: 800MS
The sizable, zombie-infested expansion to Rockstar’s epic Western is a million miles away from the often tranquil world of John Marston’s original adventure. Flaming horses, Sasquatch and zombie-fied cougars, bears and more are the fodder for the new weapons you’ll wield. Check out our review for more.