Battlefield 3 End Game DLC out today for Xbox BF Premium members

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While non-Premium Battlefield players still have at least another week to wait

If you’re a fully paid up Battlefield Premium member then you’ll be able to access the latest – and final – Battlefield 3 DLC, End Game, today to your Xbox 360. Simply head to the Premium menu option in Battlefield 3 and download the expansion at your leisure.

The End Game add-on arrived last week for PS3 Premium players, but still isn’t available for non-Premium players. Here’s when all non-Premium players can expect it to appear:

  • PS3 non-Premium members: 19 March
  • Xbox 360 non-Premium members: 26 March

Still no confirmed price for the End Game DLC to non-Premium members, but we’re expecting it to follow previous Battlefield 3 DLC prices and cost around £12 on PS Store, and 1200MSP (£10/ €14) on Xbox Live. We’ll keep you posted.

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