Battlefield 4: 42 things you mightʼve missed in the new trailer

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DICE get the next-gen rolling in impressive fashion

So DICE has finally given us a glimpse of the next-gen with their sexy looking shooter, Battlefield 4. The 17 minutes of in-game action named Fishing in Baku depicts the same rough and tumble action you’d expect from an FPS. But the bombs and bullets whizzing all over the place are jazzed up by the new Frostbite 3 engine that adds even more real life physics to the play.

The intense footage can be seen below, but check out the list below as there are probably some hints and facts about Battlefield 4 that you may miss in the clip.

Looks great, but did you manage to pick out all these bits?

  1. (00:05) Bonnie Tyler is in. Well, her track Total Eclipse of the Heart is anyway. Check out Bonnie’s Gamer Profile
  2. (00:43) Irish – the first character you see – is played by The Wire’s Michael K. Williams. Omar’s here? SHEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIT
  3. Lead character – you – is called Recker
  4. Pac and Dunn are the other two members of the squad
  5. There are two references to animals chewing off their own legs – Wolf (01:27) | Fox
  6. (01:58) With the Azerbaijan flag graffiti’d on the wall and Baku being in Azerbaijan, it’s safe to assume that this footage is set in Azerbaijan
  7. (02:00) Mission starts with Recker completely dry of ammo
  8. (02:33) New curtain physics that make ‘em sway in the breeze: CONFIRMED
  9. (03:03) The two soldiers on the floor below Recker are marked on the mini-map in blue – same as him. Non-hostile forces?
  10. (03:30) There’s a ‘hand-off’ (exchange?) that goes pear-shaped hence the squad being split up to begin with. Possibly involves Russian Spec-Ops
  11. The squad is called ‘Tombstone’
  12. (04:07) Civilians line the streets during the shootout to protect Irish
  13. Attack dogs are in…
  14. … so too are car alarms
  15. (04:44) Frostbite 3 engine sure knows how to handle buildings blowing up as the corner shop loses its walls
  16. (05:03) Irish appears to be able to jump like Spider-Man as he easily makes it to a second-floor window with one leap
  17. (05:51) Challenge Invite from Dog Tag Hunter pops up in the top right. Always on Battlelog system for friends to throw-down challenges instantly?
  18. (05:58) Seagulls: CONFIRMED. Ability to kill them: TBC
  19. (06:41) Recker can mark enemies for his team-mates to concentrate fire on
  20. (08:07) One enemy is killed instantly when his cover is blown by a grenade launcher, but the other is unfazed and stands proud
  21. (08:41) Update that Dog Tag Hunter is winning the challenge in the top right corner
  22. (08:46) Despite an enemy being shot in the back he falls towards Recker
  23. (09:00) Recker can mark targets for gunships too, which deals with troops in brutal fashion
  24. (09:13) Pop-up announces that 500 points are needed to beat KMagnus who is likely DICE CEO Karl-Magnus Troedsson. We’ve met him. He’s really nice
  25. (10:01) New Record on Prologue appears – so this could well be the very start of Battlefield 4
  26. (10:22) Irish says the shitty looking factory ‘reminds him of home’ – a reference to the war torn streets of Baltimore as depicted in The Wire? Probably not
  27. (10:39) Frostbite 3 delivers eye-searing sunshine that made us wince
  28. (12:14) Recker is a few milimetres away from having his legs removed by the chopper blades
  29. (12:31) New slide and shoot gameplay is in as you can see when Recker’s dropping between floors
  30. (12:56) Our hero is impervious to falling slabs of cement
  31. Captain Dunn? Not so much
  32. (13:38) Is that a doctor that turns up to help you out or a fool simply driving through a war zone?
  33. (14:12) The knife can remove a leg in one swift movement. If only that bloke who got trapped under a rock in 127 Hours had one
  34. (14:25) A combat sim is mentioned – could this be a tutorial for Battlefield 4?
  35. (15:45) The bit where he shoots the chopper down is the most dramatic part in the entire video. BOOM!
  36. (16:17) Russia and China are mentioned
  37. The whole mission was a farce as they already knew the information they sent Tombstone in to collect
  38. (16:43 onwards…)Very impressive wave physics as the dinghy heads towards the war ship
  39. Swimming through dead bodies
  40. There’s an incident on a freeway
  41. A lady. A real-life lady in an FPS about war. About bloody time
  42. It’s coming out Fall 2013 (read: September to December)