Everybodyʼs Golf on PlayStation Vita gets new DLC next week

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New characters and courses are on the approach

The PS Vita version of Everybody’s Golf is set to receive new golfers and courses on March 20th, according to a post on the European PlayStation Blog. Having already leapt from her own game into the beat ‘em-up world of PlayStation All-Stars, Gravity Rush’s Kat is set to tee off here too.

Here’s a list of what’s driving your way next week…


  • Kat from Gravity Rush
  • Erika
  • Gloria


  • Mt. Sakura from the PS2 version of Everybody’s Golf
  • Northern Fox, again from the PS2 game
Each new golfer will cost €0.75 (around £0.99) and courses at a rather steep €2.49 (approx. £3.00). You can buy the complete set at €7.49 (£8-ish) too.