Goodies and baddies: A tiny person’s perspective of game characters

Shoot the Barrel

Kratos | God of War

Goody or Baddy: ”Baddy… DEFINITELY!”
Reason: ”He looks like he’s charging at someone and someone has put a whip around his arm and it’s all swollen.”

Marcus Fenix | Gears of War

Goody or Baddy: ”Goody”
Reason: ”He’s wearing all the armour to kill baddies. He’s got a scar but it’s a goody scar and looks quite good. It makes the baddies think he’s a baddie even though he’s a goody. So the goodies will pretend they’re in the baddie’s team and at night time when they’re all asleep the goodies will wake up and kill the baddies.”

Master Chief | Halo

Goody or Baddy: ”Goody”
Reason: ”He’s put a special helmet on to see closer up to where the baddies live. When you put the helmet on you can see a lot closer to things but it’s more special than binoculars because there’s buttons on the side and you can press them to see if it’s a goodie or a baddie when you spot a person. And you can see in the dark.”

Raiden | Metal Gear Rising

Goody or Baddy: ”Baddy”
Reason: ”He’s got a bandage across his face which is probably where a goody stabbed him in the eye. And he’s got red eyes to make him look more baddy-ish. As I said before lots of times, baddies usually wear black.”

General Shepherd | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Goody or Baddy: ”Goody”
Reason: ”He looks like a man who is defeating all the baddies.”

Samus Aran | Metroid

Goody or Baddy: ”Baddy”
Reason: ”He looks like he’s from a children’s video game and you know that other guy with the big hammer thing, well, they look like they’re from the same video games but this one is the one that’s building all the bad things. So this one is getting crushed by the hammer.”

Saren Arterius | Mass Effect

Goody or Baddy: ”Baddy”
Reason: ”He’s got the blue dots and his face just looks like it’s been changed because he’s been shot in the face.”

Scott Shelby | Heavy Rain

Goody or Baddy: ”Goody”
Reason: ”He’s a man who just came home from work and a guy popped out from the corner and shot him. A baddie shot him. The baddie hided the dead body so no one knew that he shot him. So this goody’s dead.”

Sephiroth | Final Fantasy

Goody or Baddy: ”Goody”
Reason: ”He’s smiling like he’s just killed a baddie. And it looks like he’s standing at the top of mountains and usually goodies stand at the top of mountains when they killed a baddy. He looks quite happy with himself.”

Snake | Metal Gear Solid

Goody or Baddy: ”Baddy”
Reason: ”He’s got an eye patch and usually baddies have an eye patch and he’s wearing black as well. It looks like he’s trying to find a goody, because the goody is hiding somewhere. When he finds the goodie he’ll try to kill him. Which he’ll maybe do.”

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