Battlefield 4 DLC is A Timed Exclusive on Xbox One

DLCentral fresh gaming news: Second Assault arrives first for Microsoft

EA and Microsoft have announced at E3 that Battlefield 4′s Second Assault DLC will arrive first on Xbox One. The news is sure to be a kick to the stones of Sony who tied up timed exclusives for Battlefield 3 on PS3, but shows that Microsoft are intent on dragging gamers into their next-gen wares first. It will drop on PS4 eventually, mind.

The Second Assault pack will include four undisclosed fan favourite maps from Battlefield 3, and as far as details go, that’s your lot. We’ll hound EA to reveal more ASAP, but until then, enjoy this gameplay footage from a mission called Angry Sea. You’ll soon see why it’s called this……

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DLCentral Exclusive: Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3‎‎
Was one of the most discussed of the line up to launch of Xbox One. ‎‎Capcom Vancouver‎‎ presented the product in recent months by putting almost always by the technical department, preferring instead feature and new game mechanics in an effort to show the public how much longer the series had to say in terms of playability. The choice however had a boomerang effect, as players, greedy as never build starts, wished to see titles that put the muscle of the new home console and frame rate dancers and poorly defined texture.‎
‎We then approached in an extremely cautious to this review and do not hide, also quite hesitant about the capabilities of the game engine, which in recent months has shown more than a weakness.‎
Hundreds and hundreds of Braaains‎
‎Abandoned to their fate Chuck Greene and Frank West, ‎‎Dead Rising 3‎‎ opens the door to a brand new protagonist:
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Sony and Microsoft Launch E3 Teaser Trailers for PS4 and Xbox One


The levels of anticipation of E3 2013 are dragged to new heights as both Sony and Microsoft launch teaser trailers of what fans can expect at their shows next week.

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We’ve got a fizzy feeling in the groin area after watching these, and seriously can’t wait to see more of both machines and their wares. We’ll be live streaming the conferences of Microsoft and Sony on DLCentral so be sure to check back for details soon.


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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

‎The tireless forge of Ubisoft unveils its latest generation console video game proposing his last opera, ‎‎Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag‎‎, in a revised key in its version for Xbox One. Curious about what has changed and what doesn’t than the Xbox 360 counterpart? Then equip yourself with armrests or life preserver and embark in our review: all aboard, ahrrrr! ‎

‎Please note: this review has many parts in common with that which we have already published for Xbox 360 gameplay and content level, since the two versions are identical: the only differences lie in the treatment of the technical aspect, where you can Learn how differs the Xbox One version than the 360. If you had already read the previous review, you can then focus solely on performance parts play techniques.‎‎ ‎
‎ ‎
‎ Much has changed since the events of Assassin’s Creed III: the Abstergo Industries evolved, expanding to the world of entertainment …

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Need for Speed Rivals

‎When, a few weeks ago, we flew to London to review ‎‎Need for Speed: Rivals‎‎, we came home full of doubts. The review there evening seemed too short to take home a complete article, so we decided to wait for the arrival of the game before you write a critique. This opinion is also shared by colleagues present with us at the event.‎
‎The game was not slow to arrive but, for obvious reasons, that it was a PC version. So we threw our headlong on the game and the surprise was pretty big: on balance, the five hours of gameplay in London there would be enough to write a review. Because, ‎‎as we wrote in the review dedicated to the PC version‎‎, Need for Speed: Rivals after a couple of hours reveals all his cards, and he leaves us on a terrible feeling of emptiness.‎
‎Lucky for us, these issues are completely blown away by the
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