New Tomb Raider ʻShipwreckedʼ DLC release date confirmed

Xbox 360 News

The previously announced Shipwrecked Map Pack Tomb Raider DLC will be arriving on Xbox Live next Tuesday, 7 May. Rather than being officially announced by Square Enix, the date has appeared on Xbox.comas part of the Xbox Live Gold Unlocked Weekend, which is happening now in the UK. Look, we took a picture:

The Shipwrecked Map Pack contains the following two new maps:

  • Lost Fleet: A massive beached ship serves as a dangerous battleground filled with twists, turns, and traps
  • Himiko’s Cradle: Danger lurks around every corner in this mountain top shrine. The area is sacred to the scavengers and will be your final resting place if you are not careful

The Shipwrecked Map Pack is confirmed for PS3, but no release date yet beyond ‘early May’. Price also still to be confirmed, although we expect it’ll be in line with the 1939 Map Pack – 320MSP (£2.74/€3.84/$4), or £2.39 on PS Store.