7 exclusive Call of Duty Zombies mode ideas that we thought of

Shoot the Barrel

Call of Duty’s Zombies mode is the most popular mode because gamers love to shoot zombies in a variety of exotic locations, like on the Moon, in the Pentagon, at Alcatraz, and even Europe. Gamers also love being a famous person like Fidel Castro, Sarah Michelle Geller, or Michael Madsen when shooting zombies. Here are some exclusive new Zombies mode ideas that we thought of:


Taking place inside an elevator, this map is small and square-shaped. When the game begins the elevator is floating in space and players must find all the necessary items needed to construct a space station. When the space station is finished the players can escape from the elevator. But the space station is also full of zombies.

Awards Ceremoany

Zombies spawn from the rectum of a giant Oscar statue suspended horizontally by wires high above the auditorium map. Ben Affleck’s Beard is a new Wonder Weapon that fires snozzle-dust, Adele’s tears, and self-congratulation. You get to play as real-life Hollywood celebrities Billy Zane, George Clooney, Sandra Bollock, and Philip Seymour Hoffmeister.

Rob of the Dead

An add-on for the Mob of the Dead add-on, Rob of the Dead is almost the same as Mob of the Dead but all the zombies are called Rob, and the four playable characters are replaced by Robert Plant, Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Mitchum, and Rob Van Dam. The song ‘Doctor Robert’ by The Beatles is an Easter Egg which is unlocked by killing special boss zombie Robert Mugabe over 100 million times.


Taking place aboard the ill-fated Titanic, third-class Irish zombies spawn at the bottom of the boat but are unable to access other areas of the map. The four playable first class bastards must run around, drinking brandy, smoking cigars, and pushing women and children over the side of the boat. Eventually all players die, unless they have purchased the ‘Kate Winslet Life Raft’ perk, and then they will survive.

Plants vs. Zombies

Instead of guns, players have a selection of seeds which they must plant strategically in order to defend against waves of zombies. There’s a new type of zombie with a traffic cone on its head, and another one that looks like Michael Jackson out of the Thriller video before he was actually dead for real. The map is based on Nikolai Belinski’s back garden.

Fuckinʼ em Palace

Playable characters are Queen Liz, Phil the Duke, Harry the Prince, and the Duchess of Camilla. The map is based on Buckingham Palace. The zombies are peasants, lower class scum, and worthless gutter dogs. Jon St. John voices all members of the Royal Family. Queen Liz says “Fuck ‘em” when she headshots a zombie. Pippa Middleton’s ass is a trap. There’s an unlockable Nazi uniform for Harry the Prince.

Jelly Mould-y

Players and zombies are suspended inside a giant green jelly, completely unable to move.

That’s just some of our ideas for Zombies. We had others but we forgot what they were. If you have ideas, write them down when you get the chance.