Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Review

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Lost (and really lonely) in space

Being empowered with a badass squad comprised of a rhino-sized space goldfish, a telekinetic soldier and an ET assassin is amazing. So quite why Commander Shepard chooses to do a Roy Orbison and only the lonely his way through his latest DLC mission is anyone’s guess. While there are cute touches for Normandy obsessives here, a squad-less Shep robs combat of much of its tactical flavour.

Still, the initial concept for Omega is one long-term fans should appreciate. Whisking you back to a space station last seen in Mass Effect 2, the add-on adventure channels the bleak palette of the Spectre’s second suicidal game.

Treading over nostalgic ground is bound to appeal to punters who know their Raloi from their Reapers. And Omega earns further goodwill by bringing back Aria T’loak. The sultry alien mob boss was last seen plotting on the Citadel during Mass Effect 3’s main campaign. It’s her quest for power following a coup d’état that informs the core plot. Even though it’s not the most involving tale, T’loak is memorably brought to life by Carrie-Anne Moss from The Matrix.

Replacing your entire crack team of galactic superheroes with a morally murky Asari doesn’t quite cut the shooty, whole-grain mustard, mind. With Shepard lone wolfing his way through most of Omega, firefights lose the thoughtful flare that comes with commanding a three man/alien/sentient robot squad with a dozen combined powers.

BioWare has at least introduced a couple of new enemy types to spice up scuffles. A new type of bloated Reaper could almost pass for a Resi baddy, with a creepy reveal introducing these wheezing Adjutans in surprisingly scary style. Slightly retooled mechs also occasionally pepper combat, but are too close to those seen in Mass Effect 3 to really excite.

On sale at hefty £11.99 on PSN or 1200 MS points on Xbox Live, the four-five hour mission doesn’t exactly provide a hella lot of bang for your buck. Compared to the series’ best DLC, like Mass Effect 2’s Lair Of The Shadow Broker, Omega falls sadly flat. It also makes us feel roney. So roney and sadly arone. Take some pals next time, eh Shep?