Why PS4 and Xbox 720 will need more games with shooting in them

Shoot the Barrel

Ever since the dawn of time the best video games have always had shooting of one kind or another in them. Space Indavers, GoldenEyes 007, Gran Theft Auto, Hayloft: Combat Involved – the list of great games with shooting in them is as long as the day is night. So with the next generation of PlayStations and Xboxes almost coming out, it’s really important for the games industry to have more games that have got shooting in them this time round. Here’s why…

Games with shooting are easy to play

A common controller configuration for games with shooting

Everybody understands shooting in games and the skill of shooting is transferrable from one shooting game to another. The instructions for all shooting games is: stick to move, trigger to shoot, and the three magic words: ‘just shoot everything’. That’s it. There are other buttons involved, but they aren’t important. Only the shooting button (which is actually usually a trigger or shoulder button) is important. Although it is actually worth learning the reload, throw grenade, and change weapon buttons as you get more advanced and feel confident to try other buttons.

Most games without shooting don’t make sense

Despite winning some awards, Journey has no shooting

We were at a mate’s house playing shooting games and our mate’s other mate from a second-tier group of mates was there and he said “Have you played Journey?” and we all said “No – what’s it about?” and he said “It’s about a journey.” So then we said “Has it got shooting in it?” and he said “No.” So we all look at each other like ‘Seriously WTF?’ and then ask “So what do you do in it?” and he says “You experience the journey.” What’s that all about? It doesn’t make sense and there are a lot of games that don’t make sense and none of them have shooting in them. It’s not a coincidence.

Games that have got shooting look great in trailers and demos

This old man’s head is better with explosions

Where there’s shooting, explosions generally aren’t too far away and explosions are the best things for making things like games look great. At the PlayStation 4 event where Sony didn’t have the PlayStation 4, there were a bunch of games without any shooting in them – games about an old man’s head, and blue balls falling out the sky, and everyone was like ‘WTF?’. But then Killzone came on and everyone was like ‘At last, a proper game with shooting and explosions’ and the PlayStation 4 was saved. If the games industry wants to keep gamers interested in next-gen consoles, it needs more games with shooting, and not games without shooting.

Games with shooting have the most technology in them

Here is the PlayStation 4′s advanced Shooting Processing Unit

Despite being simple to understand, games with shooting are actually very complicated to make and need a lot of technology putting in them. When you shoot a guy in the head it takes technology to make his head explode and to make his body look like a realistic man behaving like a man who has been shot in the head would behave. And it’s also technology that makes it possible to rewind the game like a tape so you can watch the shooting happen again but in slow-motion. Other games don’t need so much technology and it’s really only because of shooting games that we even need more powerful consoles.

Games that have got shooting in them are the most popular type of games so more games with shooting means games get more popular

Games with shooting have sold more than Ron Weasley combined

In the last five years, games with shooting in them have accounted for more than 90% of all games that have been sold. The combined sales of games with shooting in them during that same time demographic has grossed more than every Harry Potter film, as well as all other films starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, or Ron Weasley, and all the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and One Direction albums as well. With such impressive statistical evidence it’s clear that what gaming needs in the next generation to be more popular is more games with shooting in them for PS4 and Xbox 720 because those types of games are the most popular.