Dragonʼs Dogma: Dark Arisen out today on PSN – list of new content

Capcom RPG arrives on US PlayStation Network, contains original game, DLC, all-new content

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen arrives today on the US PlayStation Network, priced $39.99. It contains an extensively tweaked version of the original game, complete with all previous DLC, as well as various pieces of new content, most notably an entirely new island with new quests and enemies. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will arrive on the European PlayStation Network on Friday, 26 April, priced £19.99/€29.99. An Xbox Live version is confirmed, but still no release date.

In terms of new content, here’s what you can expect:

  • New quests in an Underworld Dungeon located on Bitterblack Isle
  • New enemies, including Death, Prisoner Cyclops, and Greater Goblin (see the two enemy videos below for more)
  • Level 3 skill tier, offering new abilities and skills
  • 100 pieces of new equipment
  • New high level weapons and armour sets
  • 14 new Arisen/Pawn augments 
  • Additional tier of equipment enhancement
  • Increased character customization
  • Item appraisal
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Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC Season Pass out today on XBL and PSN

Full game also available on PS Store, first DLC character confirmed

The DC Comics heroes and villains fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us, releases in Europe today, and the game’s DLC Season Pass will be available to purchase on both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live, priced £11.99 ($14.99), or 1200MSP (£10/€14/$15) respectively. The Season Pass is already available in the US.

The Season Pass gives access to four of the game’s scheduled character packs for the price of three, and to the Flash Point Skin Pack, which is available now and contains alternate costumes for Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Deathstroke. DC Comics anti-hero Lobo was recently confirmed by Injustice developer NetherRealm as the first DLC character, although no release date has been given.

In addition to the Season Pass, the full game is available to download now from the PlayStation Store. It’s priced £47.99/€59.99 and the file size comes in at just under 9GB.…

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Tomb Raider 1939 multiplayer pack DLC out now, more arriving in May

Vehicular themed arenas to provide the next backdrops for killing fools

Square-Enix has just launched a new multiplayer map pack DLC for Tomb Raider. The ’1939′ expansion is out now on Xbox 360 (320MS) and PS3 (Price unknown due to slow to update PSN) and includes the following…

1939 Multiplayer Map Pack

Two new maps; out now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

  • Dogfight: Dating back to the World War II experiments conducted on the island, this bunker is a deadly maze of brick and mortar that could easily become a tomb.
  • Forest Meadow: This forest meadow is a hunting ground, filled with open spaces that can be advantageous and dangerous at the same time. Who is the hunter and who is the hunted?
And in May you’ll get this ship-themed pack…


Shipwrecked Multiplayer Map Pack

Featuring two new maps: released early May for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 

  • Lost Fleet: A massive beached ship serves as a dangerous
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Spec-Ops and Duke Nukem Forever Double-Pack on sale in PS Store

Latest 48 hour Spring Sale deal offers discount on two very different shooters

The Spring Sale deals at PlayStation Store keep on coming, with a Spec-Ops and Duke Nukem Forever Double-Pack the latest in the limited period discounts offered as part of the PS Store Spring Sale. The two-game bundle costs £19.99/€24.99 (down from £65.98/€79.98), and is a 10.1GB download.

The deal ends at 11.59am on 4 April, when it will be replaced with another 48 hour offer. Check out a complete list of the offers in the PS Store Spring Sale here.

In the mood for something completely different? Try one of our original features, like ‘Metal Gear Solid V: 16 things you missed in the trailer because you got drunk’ or ‘Goodies and baddies: A tiny person’s perspective of game characters’.

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News round-up: This weekʼs DLC and gaming stories in one place

All you need to know about DLC and more from the games industry

Here’s a round-up of all the DLC and game stories that have made up the week beginning 25th March.

  • Saints Row 4 will be be bigger than ever, DLC plans pencilled in
  • Borderlands 2 Bunkers and Badasses DLC announced
  • Assassinʼs Creed 4: Black Flag new trailer and special edition DLC here
  • Battlefield 3 End Game DLC releases on Xbox Live, now out for everyone
  • Sony releases list of PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 indie games coming to PSN
  • Primal Carnage: Genesis has dinosaurs, on way to PS4 PSN – trailer
  • Dungeons & Dragons coming to Xbox, PS3, Wii U – release date, trailer
  • Watch Dogs gets a new(ish) trailer
  • Metal Gear Rising Jetstream Sam DLC has a new bunch of screens
  • Xbox Live Spring Sale starts today – hereʼs whatʼs on offer
  • Transformers games and DLC is Xbox Live ʻDeal of the Weekʼ in disguise
  • Terraria arrives
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Tomb Raider going for less than half price on PS Store until 31 March

Get the PS3 Tomb Raider Digital Edition as part of PS Store Spring Sale

With the PS Store Spring Sale now in full swing, the PlayStation Blog has revealed that the recently released Tomb Raider is joining the list of discounted titles for a limited period. For a greatly reduced – and very agreeable – price of £19.99/€29.99 (down from £49.99/€59.99), you can pick up the Tomb Raider Digital Edition bundle, which includes:

  • Full game
  • Tomb of the Lost Adventurer single-player DLC pack
  • 3 pack bundle of weapons used by Agent 47 in Hitman: Absolution
  • Shanty Town multiplayer map

The deal ends at 11.59am on 31 March, when it will be replaced with another 48 hour offer. Check out a complete list of the offers in the PS Store Spring Sale.

In the mood for something completely different? Try one of our original features, like ‘Metal Gear Solid V: 16 things you missed in the trailer because you got

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Skullgirls funding stops at $829K, loads of DLC confirmed

Lab Zero Games get the cash they requested and then some

The $150,000 Indiegogo target for Skullgirls DLC has been smashed to pieces as Lab Zero Games has netted a whopping, and OCD pleasing, $829,829.Rather than get the next flight to a tax-haven in Monaco, the developer has a bloody load of DLC on the way for the 2D beat ‘em-up.

Squigly, the character above, is the fighter Lab Zero Games set out to fund and she will come free of charge for a limited time only. There’s also Big Band, the first male scrapper to step into this lady dominated universe, Robo-Fortune and two mystery fighters that will each get their own unique story arc and stage.

Skullgirls is out now on Xbox 360 (1200MS) and PS3 (£11.99), but you can expect the DLC to arrive later in 2013. Take a look at Squigly being demoed for the first time ever and check out the enthusiasm from the crowd …

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PS Store Spring Sale is a mixed bag with a few highlights – full list

Some decent PS3 deals, not so many for the Vita though

The PlayStation Store’s seemingly annual Spring Sale is live right now on the European PS Store. As sales go, it’s pretty huge, but a bit of a mixed bag (and only 1 Vita game?). However, there are some decent looking discounts on some decent games – for PS3 Driver: San Francisco, Child of Eden, the PixelJunk series, and Trine 2 are particularly tempting, while the Persona games are definitely worth a look for anyone still rocking the PSP. If you see something you fancy, grab it before 9 April, when the sale ends.

Here’s the complete list. It’s quite long:


  • Babel Rising: €3.99/£3.19 (Additional 10% off for Plus subscribers)
  • Backbreaker Vengeance: €7.49/£5.99 (Additional 10% off for Plus subscribers)
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood: €7.49/£5.99 (Additional 10% off for Plus subscribers)
  • Child of Eden: €4.99/£3.99 (Additional 10% off for Plus subscribers)
  • Dead Rising 2: Off The Record: €7.49/£5.99
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Metro: Last Light pre-order DLC isnʼt for lightweights – full details

Pre-order for the chance to play an extra hard version

Pre-order bonus details for upcoming nuclear shooter Metro: Last Light have been announced by the game’s new publisher, Deep Silver (who picked up the title during the THQ clear-out sale). Anyone who sticks their name down for a copy at a participating retailer will get free access to Ranger Mode DLC, which removes the HUD (depriving the player of visual assistance, offers a greatly diminished supply of ammo through the course of the game, and is described as being ‘Hardcore – The way it was meant to be played’.

But it’s not all take, take, take – Ranger Mode gives players access to a special AKSU Russian assault rifle, and also 100 in-game military grade bullets, which can be used as bullets to shoot enemy, or as currency to buy stuff.

If you’re not the pre-ordering type, don’t panic – the Ranger Mode DLC will be available at launch, but …

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Battlefield 4: 42 things you mightʼve missed in the new trailer

DICE get the next-gen rolling in impressive fashion

So DICE has finally given us a glimpse of the next-gen with their sexy looking shooter, Battlefield 4. The 17 minutes of in-game action named Fishing in Baku depicts the same rough and tumble action you’d expect from an FPS. But the bombs and bullets whizzing all over the place are jazzed up by the new Frostbite 3 engine that adds even more real life physics to the play.

The intense footage can be seen below, but check out the list below as there are probably some hints and facts about Battlefield 4 that you may miss in the clip.

Looks great, but did you manage to pick out all these bits?

  1. (00:05) Bonnie Tyler is in. Well, her track Total Eclipse of the Heart is anyway. Check out Bonnie’s Gamer Profile
  2. (00:43) Irish – the first character you see – is played by The Wire’s Michael K. Williams. Omar’s here? SHEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIT
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