Black Ops 2 gets Double XP weekend ahead of DLC drop on PS3

Double XP for everyone, PS3 players can level-up before Uprising DLC arrives

Black Ops 2 developer Treyarch has announced that Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers will be able to enjoy a weekend of Double XP, starting today, and running until Monday, 13 May. Here’s Treyarch saying it on Twitter:

The Double XP weekend starts today, 10 May, at 10am PDT (6pm UK time), and finishes at the same time on 13 May.

The Double XP weekend is happening ahead of next week’s release of the Uprising DLC on PS3, so gives PlayStation players a nice opportunity to level-up before taking it to the new maps. The Uprising DLC, which released last month as a timed Xbox 360 exclusive, is out for PS3 on 16 May, priced $14.99. UK price still tbc, …

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Watch Dogs single-player mission DLC detailed, release date confirmed

Four different editions revealed along with selection of bonus digital content

Ubisoft has revealed that there will be four different editions of its upcoming PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U techno-botherer, Watch Dogs, to choose from when the game launches in the UK on the 22 November (it’s out 19 November in the US), and they all contain various offerings of single-player mission DLC.

Before we detail the separate missions, here are the complete contents of the four editions in picture form, prices still to be announced:

DEDSEC Edition (available from selected UK retailers)

Vigilante Edition (available from GAME in the UK, and GameStop in Ireland)

Uplay Edition (available from Ubisoft’s online store, Uplay)

Special Edition

As you can see, there are three separate single-player missions revealed, and they reportedly add a combined 60 minutes of gameplay. These are the mission descriptions fresh off the press release:

Palace pack
A police raid is planned on the luxury palace of an

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Need For Speed Most Wanted Terminal Velocity DLC Review

It’s all airplane sailing for Criterion’s beefy expansion

Goliath queues at check-in, overly touchy-feely frisks at security, extortionate duty-free Toblerone; real airports suck. But in console land, we’re head over heels for those glorified shopping centres where jumbo jets occasionally live. And that’s all thanks to Need For Speed: Most Wanted’s Terminal Velocity DLC, the most expansive, well executed add-on Criterion has made for its addictive open-world racer.

Grafting a sizable airport and a GTA San: Andreas-style plane graveyard to the game’s map immediately injects Most Wanted with a whopping dose of personality. One of the main criticisms laid at Criterion is that Fairhaven City feels a tad sterile.

While brilliant fun to power-slide about, Most Wanted’s metropolis lacks the breezy charm of, say, Burnout’s Paradise City. Yet strap some drift tyres to this add-on’s newly tinkered Porsche 918 Spyder and EA’s speedster finds the fun like never before.

Whether smashing a Mustang against the security gates in the departure …

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GTA 5 screensaver reveals possible new character, more news hitting April 29

Is this the face of the Epsilon Program’s Cris Formage? Probably

Through the medium of a desktop screensaver, Rockstar Games appear to have introduced a new character for the hotly anticipated, GTA V. The mysterious slideshow – that is downloadable from here –  is brought to you by the Epsilon Program – the Scientology-esque group, which were first spotted in San Andreas.

Among the facts about how ‘everyone is related except people with red hair’ and the ‘world is 157 years old’, that character above slips by too. He’s most likely, cult leader, Cris Formage who was originally voiced by Fred Melamed.

On top of this, Rockstar’s Newswire blog post signs off with the not-so-cryptic ‘directions will be provided in one week’s time’, which hints that more GTA V news is set to drop on April 29th. So put that in your diaries, folks.

Oh, and as the internet is full of clever folk, some genius has managed to …

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Dragonʼs Dogma: Dark Arisen out today on PSN – list of new content

Capcom RPG arrives on US PlayStation Network, contains original game, DLC, all-new content

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen arrives today on the US PlayStation Network, priced $39.99. It contains an extensively tweaked version of the original game, complete with all previous DLC, as well as various pieces of new content, most notably an entirely new island with new quests and enemies. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will arrive on the European PlayStation Network on Friday, 26 April, priced £19.99/€29.99. An Xbox Live version is confirmed, but still no release date.

In terms of new content, here’s what you can expect:

  • New quests in an Underworld Dungeon located on Bitterblack Isle
  • New enemies, including Death, Prisoner Cyclops, and Greater Goblin (see the two enemy videos below for more)
  • Level 3 skill tier, offering new abilities and skills
  • 100 pieces of new equipment
  • New high level weapons and armour sets
  • 14 new Arisen/Pawn augments 
  • Additional tier of equipment enhancement
  • Increased character customization
  • Item appraisal
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Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC Season Pass out today on XBL and PSN

Full game also available on PS Store, first DLC character confirmed

The DC Comics heroes and villains fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us, releases in Europe today, and the game’s DLC Season Pass will be available to purchase on both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live, priced £11.99 ($14.99), or 1200MSP (£10/€14/$15) respectively. The Season Pass is already available in the US.

The Season Pass gives access to four of the game’s scheduled character packs for the price of three, and to the Flash Point Skin Pack, which is available now and contains alternate costumes for Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Deathstroke. DC Comics anti-hero Lobo was recently confirmed by Injustice developer NetherRealm as the first DLC character, although no release date has been given.

In addition to the Season Pass, the full game is available to download now from the PlayStation Store. It’s priced £47.99/€59.99 and the file size comes in at just under 9GB.…

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Tomb Raider 1939 multiplayer pack DLC out now, more arriving in May

Vehicular themed arenas to provide the next backdrops for killing fools

Square-Enix has just launched a new multiplayer map pack DLC for Tomb Raider. The ’1939′ expansion is out now on Xbox 360 (320MS) and PS3 (Price unknown due to slow to update PSN) and includes the following…

1939 Multiplayer Map Pack

Two new maps; out now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

  • Dogfight: Dating back to the World War II experiments conducted on the island, this bunker is a deadly maze of brick and mortar that could easily become a tomb.
  • Forest Meadow: This forest meadow is a hunting ground, filled with open spaces that can be advantageous and dangerous at the same time. Who is the hunter and who is the hunted?
And in May you’ll get this ship-themed pack…


Shipwrecked Multiplayer Map Pack

Featuring two new maps: released early May for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 

  • Lost Fleet: A massive beached ship serves as a dangerous
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Spec-Ops and Duke Nukem Forever Double-Pack on sale in PS Store

Latest 48 hour Spring Sale deal offers discount on two very different shooters

The Spring Sale deals at PlayStation Store keep on coming, with a Spec-Ops and Duke Nukem Forever Double-Pack the latest in the limited period discounts offered as part of the PS Store Spring Sale. The two-game bundle costs £19.99/€24.99 (down from £65.98/€79.98), and is a 10.1GB download.

The deal ends at 11.59am on 4 April, when it will be replaced with another 48 hour offer. Check out a complete list of the offers in the PS Store Spring Sale here.

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News round-up: This weekʼs DLC and gaming stories in one place

All you need to know about DLC and more from the games industry

Here’s a round-up of all the DLC and game stories that have made up the week beginning 25th March.

  • Saints Row 4 will be be bigger than ever, DLC plans pencilled in
  • Borderlands 2 Bunkers and Badasses DLC announced
  • Assassinʼs Creed 4: Black Flag new trailer and special edition DLC here
  • Battlefield 3 End Game DLC releases on Xbox Live, now out for everyone
  • Sony releases list of PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 indie games coming to PSN
  • Primal Carnage: Genesis has dinosaurs, on way to PS4 PSN – trailer
  • Dungeons & Dragons coming to Xbox, PS3, Wii U – release date, trailer
  • Watch Dogs gets a new(ish) trailer
  • Metal Gear Rising Jetstream Sam DLC has a new bunch of screens
  • Xbox Live Spring Sale starts today – hereʼs whatʼs on offer
  • Transformers games and DLC is Xbox Live ʻDeal of the Weekʼ in disguise
  • Terraria arrives
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PS4 Networkʼs Primal Carnage: Genesis trailer is sadly carnage free

Another look at the dinosaur focused next-gen PSN indie game

There might not be any actual carnage in this new trailer for the recently revealed Primal Carnage: Genesis, but it does have dinosaurs (always good), and provides a first look at the outdoor island environment where the game’s set. Have a looky:

Described by developer Lukewarm Media as a ‘story driven, episodic single player adventure’, Primal Carnage: Genesis is one of the first confirmed indie titles heading to PlayStation Network on PS4.

We imagine the menacing dinosaur foot at the end belongs to the angry tyrannosaur introduced in the first Primal Carnage: Genesis trailer. Hopefully the next promo vid will show the angry tyrannosaur going mental and eating dinosaurs. Less foreplay, more carnage.

In the mood for something completely different? Try one of our original features, like ‘Metal Gear Solid V: 16 things you missed in the trailer because you got drunk’ or ‘Goodies and baddies:

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