20 amazing things you never knew about game controllers

Without game controllers we wouldn’t be able to play games, so they’re important. Here are 20 amazing things you never knew about game controllers:

1. The name ‘controller’ comes from the word ‘control’, which means ‘to control something’, like a video game.

2. In the future game controllers will incorporate biometric analysis and retina scan technology, and will be locked to individual users.

3. The ‘X’ button on the PlayStation controller is unique because it’s a shape and also a letter of the alphabet.

4. Some people think the Circle button is an ‘O’, which is also a shape and a letter of the alphabet, but it’s definitely a Circle, not an ‘O’, so those people are wrong.

A SNES pad

5. The SNES gamepad is sort of similar in shape to a sanitary pad.

6. The very first game controllers were called ‘joysticks’ because they were stick-shaped and made from wood, which is the same material that sticks are …

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7 exclusive Call of Duty Zombies mode ideas that we thought of

Call of Duty’s Zombies mode is the most popular mode because gamers love to shoot zombies in a variety of exotic locations, like on the Moon, in the Pentagon, at Alcatraz, and even Europe. Gamers also love being a famous person like Fidel Castro, Sarah Michelle Geller, or Michael Madsen when shooting zombies. Here are some exclusive new Zombies mode ideas that we thought of:


Taking place inside an elevator, this map is small and square-shaped. When the game begins the elevator is floating in space and players must find all the necessary items needed to construct a space station. When the space station is finished the players can escape from the elevator. But the space station is also full of zombies.

Awards Ceremoany

Zombies spawn from the rectum of a giant Oscar statue suspended horizontally by wires high above the auditorium map. Ben Affleck’s Beard is a new Wonder Weapon that fires snozzle-dust, Adele’s tears, and self-congratulation. You …

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GTA V: We look at how much crime is in the new trailers

How much crime is in the new Grand Theft Auto V character trailers? That’s what we wanted to know so we thought we’d find out by counting and finding out. Here’s what we found out:

Michaelʼs trailer

Crime #01: Running in the bike only lane


Opening shot is of crime, a minor one but still a crime. The two runners are clearly exercising in the bike only lane. The guy on the bike is not committing a crime, unless he’s cycling in the pedestrian only lane, in which case the police would be allowed to Taser him.

Crime #02: Domestic violence


You are not allowed to be violent on someone, even if it is a member of your own family and you’re in the privacy of your own home. It is a crime. Michael’s daughter could press charges after this incident, although we suspect she’ll take it no further than stomping off to her room in a sulk. …

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Xbox 720: 5 unbelievable rumours that you won’t believe

Microsoft is going to announce the next Xbox when it makes an announcement about the next Xbox. Until that happens, we don’t know very much about what the next Xbox will be like. So while we’re waiting for something to happen, here are 5 unbelievable Xbox 720 rumours that you won’t believe:

Rumour #01: Xbox 720 will be 100% backwards compatible and will be called Xbox 360

Rumours of the Xbox 720 being not backwards compatible have been counter-rumoured by a new rumour saying the machine will, in fact, be 100% backwards compatible. However, the ability to play ALL existing Xbox 360 games will come at the expense of not being able to play any new ‘next-generation’ games on the machine. It’s also rumoured the console will have the same specs as the existing Xbox 360, will look exactly the same, and will be called Xbox 360.

Rumour #02: Xbox 720 will have wheels to make it better with Kinect

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10 reasons why video games were better when you were a kid

We often hear adults say “Video games were better when I was a kid.” But is that actually true? We’ve done some experiments and found out that it is true. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Because you were a kid

2. Because spare time was all the time

3. Because you were free of all meaningful responsibility

4. Because carefree doesn’t develop into stress and anxiety until you stop being a kid

5. Because ‘money problems’ meant Gran only giving you a fiver on your birthday

6. Because you hadn’t learnt to treat anything good in the world with bitter cynicism

7. Because you lived at home which was almost exactly like living in a hotel only you didn’t have to pay for anything

8. Because you didn’t have to work (paper rounds and washing the car aren’t work)

9. Because you didn’t feel so tired all the time

10. Because you didn’t drink to forget

Well, we think …

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Sick as a XBLIG: Bleed is about being a hero that kills heroes

‘Sick as a XBLIG’ is occasionally a regular feature in which we play an Xbox Live Indie Game and then write about it. Today we are writing about Bleed.

The blob, the worms, the robot, the dragon… it reads like a list of who I would like to invite to my birthday party when I was 6. But it’s not. I never knew any blobs or worms or robots or dragons when I was 6. A shame really because friends like that would have made a great party. Instead I got a trip to the cinema to watch the first Star Trek movie, but we had to leave early because Conrad Lochren vomited on himself and the smell was so bad they had to open the fire exits to let some fresh air in.

Spock can smell the sick

No. The blob, the worms, the robot, and the dragon are just some of the old heroes who must be defeated …

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GTA V: The 5 most exciting cloud formations that will be in GTA 5

The next Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar promises to be the best Grand Theft Auto 5 yet thanks to some of the most exciting cloud formations we have ever seen in GTA Five. We have spent a couple of minutes looking at GTA IIIII screenshots and identified the five most exciting in-game configurations of fluffy-looking water vapour. Here they are:

01 Low Stratocumulus

While it’s the clouds of the genus cumulonimbus which are usually associated with thunderstorms, the formations in this image are more consistent with something like a low stratocumulus. However, the origin cloud of the impressive electrostatic discharge isn’t visible, so it’s possible there’s a cumulus congestus, or something similar, beyond the frame of the image that we can’t see. We contacted GTA V developer Rockstar to find out more, but unfortunately were told “Rockstar doesn’t comment on rumour and precipitation.”

02 Altocumulus Stratiformis

The unmistakeable expansive patches of altocumulus stratiformis is the sky’s way of saying …

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Goodies and baddies: A tiny person’s perspective of game characters

Kratos | God of War

Goody or Baddy: ”Baddy… DEFINITELY!”
Reason: ”He looks like he’s charging at someone and someone has put a whip around his arm and it’s all swollen.”

Marcus Fenix | Gears of War

Goody or Baddy: ”Goody”
Reason: ”He’s wearing all the armour to kill baddies. He’s got a scar but it’s a goody scar and looks quite good. It makes the baddies think he’s a baddie even though he’s a goody. So the goodies will pretend they’re in the baddie’s team and at night time when they’re all asleep the goodies will wake up and kill the baddies.”

Master Chief | Halo

Goody or Baddy: ”Goody”
Reason: ”He’s put a special helmet on to see closer up to where the baddies live. When you put the helmet on you can see a lot closer to things but it’s more special than binoculars because there’s buttons on the side and you can press them to see …

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